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Why Us

Since 1992, Effective Leadership Consulting has helped clients achieve their objectives.

  • Facilitate organizational growth
  • Help increase profitability
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Foster clarity of vision, effective communication, and empowerment
  • Help clients define and achieve SMART objectives
  • Share effective leadership strategies

Client Testimonials

"Eileen led WiderFunnel's team through our first team Growth Summit, where we solidified our Values, Vision and Mission. Her guidance and instruction through the process was exactly what we needed to get an amazing result. She quickly detected..."    

Chris Goward | Founder & CEO
WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization

"Eileen exuded professional discretion in a detailed, focused, and reassuring manner. She learned our business, in all its complexity, quickly and with a deep understanding in order to lead and facilitate customized client..."

Brock Lumsden | President
Bold Event Creative

"Eileen facilitated a strategic planning session where we identified our top priorities. These now serve as a foundation to guide discussions, meetings, and decisions. I find myself constantly referring to them, which has helped me..."

Maya Kostanski | Marketing Manager
Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

"Eileen elevated the leadership capacities of our team and helped them build sustainable frameworks to support the rapid growth that we were experiencing. She facilitated the creation of systems and structure, and she ensured that the right people were..."

Lawrence McGinnis | Executive Director
Erickson Coaching International 

Areas of Expertise

Small & Medium Businesses

Event & Marketing Industries