Focus Package

Prioritizing Strategic Objectives

(Pre-requisite: clear set of core values, vision, and mission)

Many business owners and their teams are fantastic at what they do, but they get so busy servicing their clients, that the business itself gets stuck. They often have lots of great ideas for increased efficiency, profitability, and growth, but they are dabbling a little bit in many of them with insufficient time, and not getting traction on any. An impactful step that can either be activated immediately with a Values, Vision, Mission session, or sometime thereafter,is a Strategic Prioritization Session. Clarity on Values, Vision, and Mission forms the basis for making decisions on where to focus. A Strategic Prioritization Session looks at all of your strategic options and ranks them. You can’t do the mall at once! Narrowing down key strategic priorities to increase profitability, dramatically increases the traction that you are able to achieve on any one objective. As you tackle priorities one at a time, you will find lots more gets done.Refer to them every time decisions are made around time management. Use them as a tool to say “no” to low priorities and “yes” to high ones.


  • Clear identification and ranking of top priorities
    • Chosen by and bought into by the team
    • Guide for all future decisions and company direction
    • Tool to get traction on achieving results


  • Owner/Manager assessment questionnaire
  • Introductory consultation with Owner/Manager
  • Pre-session questionnaire for up to 15 Team Members
  • Questionnaire processing, amalgamation, and synthesis for custom session preparation
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Setting evaluation criteria
  • Ranking/prioritizing opportunities
  • Half day facilitated strategic prioritization sessionfor up to 15 team members

Investment: $3,000

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