Virtual Strategy Officer Package

Guide to Help Your Team with all Six Ingredients for Profitability & Growth

Can start with Alignment and Focus sessions or pick up anytime thereafter.

Mindset and Team considerations will be incorporated throughout.


  • Mindset & Team
    • Team alignment and empowerment
  • Alignment
    • Clear set of core Values, Vision, and Mission
    • Guide for all future decisions and company direction
  • Focus
    • Clear identification and ranking of top priorities
  • Systems
    • Clear overall business objectives
    • SMART objectives for each team member
    • Incentive structure
    • Effective systems
    • Built by and bought into by the team
    • Tools to get traction on achieving results


  • Owner/Manager assessment questionnaire
  • Introductory consultation with Owner/Manager
  • Pre-session questionnaires and strategy sessions as needed for up to 15 Team Members
  • Working with team to set overall business objectives
  • One-on-one meetings with individual team members to set their own SMART objectives
  • Development and implementation of an incentive structure
  • Access to Effective Consulting/Eileen for up to 8 hours per week
  • Regular Follow-up reviews to adapt and modify
  • Business knowledge and support needed to leverage strengths and outsource weaknesses

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