Empower People in Their Roles

Do you have the right people in the right roles on your team? 

Is everyone clear on their responsibilities, and actively helping to make operations more efficient? 

Here are some things to think about…. 

When a business shifts from a founder doing everything to team members having to share the load, it can sometimes get tricky. 

Founders are usually best at the thing that the business does, not on building team structure and business systems. 

Also, they often like to keep control of everything, and can be reluctant to let others take the leadThis makes no one in charge of anything, and clear division of responsibilities difficult. 

Something for founders to remember is that great leaders are not the best at everything, they find people who are best at different things, and get them all on the same team. When a founder focuses on their own strengths and develops the confidence to hire people who are better than them in their areas of weakness, magic starts to happen! 

This can be really daunting for the founder, especially if their identity is attached to their control. However, when a founder can focus their identity on what they really do best and empower others to support them, they will actually shine more! Let everyone shine in their own areasOthers most likely don’t want to do what the founder does, so the founder should not feel threatened by empowering strong people. A strong team elevates everyone together, and brings on business success that no founder can do alone. 

One thing to note is that a company’s core team is usually also best at what the business does, not at building team structure and business systems. A little bit of external expertise goes a long way in helping a team help a founder. Outsourcing a bit of HR and strategic planning can not only help get the right people in the right roles, but also get those people empowered to improve team structure and business systems, freeing up the founder to do what they do best. The key is that founder must let go and empower all of this. 

Founders do not have to be in the trenches writing job descriptions and defining roles and responsibilities, but someone with expertise in doing so should. It’s amazing the increase in productivity that occurs when team members are really clear on division of responsibility, and who to go to directly for what. 

Team is the second of Six Ingredients that I have identified to help get businesses beyond their plateaus and achieve profitability and growth. A good, strong team with clear division of responsibilities and well-defined roles is essential. 

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Here’s to your profitability & growth.