Making Ideas Happen – How to Get Traction

Are you on a team with lots of great ideas, but no one can get traction on any of them?

Often, the very mindset that is essential to successfully launch a business, is what gets in the way later on down the line.

Start ups need to be creative, adaptable, ready to turn on a dime and customize. Business founders usually thrive on that level of intensity and uncertainty. They love the excitement of bright shiny objects! For them, it is always more fun to chase new bright shiny objects.

However, once a company hits a certain stage in its growth, systems and structure are essential for a team to function. The founder can sometimes resist systems and structure because they feel that they are stifling, and here is where the trouble starts.

For a founder who is used to achieving success through the excitement of adapting quickly to chase new things, they can develop a feeling that if the company does not remain flexible and continue to chase new things it will not be successful. This becomes the road block to any further growth which requires a mindset shift.

Also, typically the founder and team are experts in what the business does for their clients, not on how to set up and run business systems, which is another road block.

Something helpful for the founder to recognize, is that by empowering a team to bring in the right resources to set up and use systems to run the business, it actually frees them up to be even more creative with new ideas and serving clients! Founders can focus on what they do best and let the team manage the systems.

Systems for how the team operates, how finances are managed, how marketing and sales function, and how clients are supported, keep the business side more efficient so that new ideas can be properly prioritized and addressed accordingly.

The systems required for scalability do not need to be set up by the founder, and do not mean that how the founder has been operating has been wrong. They are simply required in order to break past plateaus caused by lack of systems.

If the founder can empower their team and bring on the right external assistance to create the systems necessary, they can set the company up for success and put the team in a position where they can actually get traction on executing new ideas.

A mindset of empowerment and scalability is essential to get a team to a place where they can take action on the many initiatives that they have been juggling for ages and finally get some traction.

Mindset is the first of Six Ingredients that I have identified to help get businesses beyond their plateaus and achieve profitability and growth.

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Here’s to your profitability & growth.